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Turn your shopping carts into a digital experience for customers

ScanBox Features

With our retrofit solution you can make your shopping trolley the perfect fit for the next decade.

10.1 inch display

The shopping cart display can be designed individually according to the corporate design of each store and can be equipped with sales-promoting mechanics.

Omnidirectional scanner

The handpiece with flex cable makes it easy to scan labels at the shelf or self-service counter. For easy use in store.

Battery performance

The rechargeable batteries allow an operating time of more than 34 hour for new devices and ensure continuous readiness for use even during extended opening hours.

Universal mount

Thanks to our universal holder, the ScanBox can be mounted and operated on all common shopping carts. This makes it quick and easy to put into operation.

Cost efficiency

With the ScanBox, conventional shopping carts can be brought into the digital age. There is always the option of upgrading to our weighing SmartShopper®. This means investment security and cost efficiency.

No remodeling necessary

No store remodeling is necessary to use the ScanBox. Thanks to mobile charging technology, our solution can be set up and operated in no time.

The modern shopping experience for your customers

Simple set-up without additional effort

The ScanBox is set up with the existing data base of a store’s products. This means that there is no additional effort involved in the set-up and your shopping trolleys can be easily integrated into the daily routine of your shop. Thanks to the intelligent algorithm, the ScanBox plays an active role in maintaining and updating the data records.
Integration ohne Zusatzaufwand

Simple installation: no remodeling necessary

As groundbreaking as the technology and advantages of the ScanBox are, its set-up is simple. Neither do modifications have to be carried out in the shop, nor do specialist personnel (electricians or similar) need to be involved. With the mobile charging rail, you can charge the ScanBox wherever there is a power socket.
Integration ohne Umbauten möglich

Individual random controls against theft

An important aspect in retail is theft protection. When setting up the system, the algorithm can be individually adjusted to your requirements: Random checks are triggered when the set criteria take effect. This could be, for example, many high-priced items in the shopping basket or a conspicuous number of products of the same product group.

Cashierless openings become possible

One of the current challenges in retail is to attract enough staff. The ScanBox relieves the checkout zone and staff. Only the random checks of the shopping basket need to be carried out by staff, the payment process can be carried out directly at the ScanBox. In this way, you can face today’s everyday challenges in your business with innovation.
lift2move Beratung

The ScanBox as a retrofit solution

  • retrofittable to common shopping carts
  • market-specific control algorithms ensure sufficient security
  • ideal for smaller stores and branches in more rural areas
  • a later upgrade to the weighing shopper is possible at any time
  • for the start into the digital future of shopping
  • considerably less investment required than for the purchase of a weighing shopper
  • modular design: Start with the scanbox and upgrade to the SmartShopper® later – with the existing equipment
  • in the event of a defect, you can easily replace the entire device

Good to know:

Versatile software solutions for every application scenario

Out of the box, our solutions work on a Linux software basis. This means they can be completely customised and flexibly adapted to your requirements. All aspects – such as additional software-based functions or visualisations – can be implemented 100% according to your ideas. For example, would you like to show sales-promoting advertising on the display? No problem for the SmartShopper®!

Even if you already have your own Android-based application, it can be transferred onto the SmartShopper® display. In this way, the SmartShopper® can be seamlessly customized to the existing software infrastructure.

Your start into the future

Digital solutions for the challenges of our time
ScanBox and Smartshopper® are revolutionising the way we shop in various dimensions. Developments and trends are taken into account in technology and product design, making our products innovative and future-proof solutions for merchants and chain stores. And they are, above all, one thing: well thought with regard to the special requirements in retail!

We are here for you!

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