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ScanCart – Developed by retailers for retailers

Over 50 years of experience as a retailer meet more than 5 years of experience with digital shopping carts.

  • From retailers for retailers
    The founding team of KBST GmbH not only brings together many years of experience in software development and engineering, but also more than 50 years of experience in food retailing.
  • Further developed for the retail trade of the future
    With more than 5 years of experience in the construction and use of digital shopping carts, the ScanCart and the ScanBox used on it are the result of continuous development and our experience.
  • Intuitive and multi-dimensional operation

    With 360° LED indicators and integrated speakers, the ScanCart by KBST is designed to interact with your customers in multiple dimensions and thus characterise the shopping experience of the future in your stores.

  • State-of-the-art payment and checkout options
    The ISO14443-certified NFC antenna enables contactless tap & go payments to the highest security standards directly at the cart.
  • Wide range of charging options for smooth operation
    From a mobile loading rail without any conversion work to a cart-collecting-point with integrated loading technology, the ScanCart offers all the options to relieve not only your customers but also your employees.

ScanCart – Key-Performance-Indicators

Large shopping baskets, high sales penetration and increased checkout efficiency – the ScanCart combines all three KPIs!


Larger average basket values

up to 34%

revenue share


Increase in checkout performance

ScanCart – Essential customer benefits

Goods can be scanned while shopping and packed directly into the bags/baskets of the customer
No more placing goods on the checkout belt, no more queuing for your customers at the checkout
Payment possible at attended checkout, self-checkout terminal or in the app

ScanCart Features

The future of shopping combines a number of advantages for the store and end customers

Anti-reflective 10.1 inch display

The 2.8 mm reinforced safety glass takes the robustness of the device to a new level. The shopping basket overview can be customised according to the corporate design of each store and can be equipped with sales-promoting mechanisms.

Integrated load cells

The distribution of three precise load cells on the ScanCart enables theft-proof shopping and item-specific scanning. In this way, we ensure maximum possible security while maintaining a convenient shopping experience.

IP65 Omnidirectional scanner

The hand-held scanner with flex cable makes it easy to scan labels at the shelf or self-service counter. For easy use in the store.

360°LED indicators

The multi-coloured LEDs provide customers with additional information on the status of the device and signal to employees whether a customer may need help. This enhances the service character of a store and improves the shopping experience.

Connection for up to 3 external cameras

Up to three additional cameras can be connected using the multiconnector. For example, an additional camera can capture the lower level of the ScanCart.

NFC certification for card payments

Thanks to the certified ISO14443 NFC antenna, contactless payments can be processed quickly and in accordance with the highest security standards directly at the cart.

8 megapixel 90° wide-angle camera

The integrated camera provides the ideal platform for camera-based item recognition with the help of artificial intelligence and also increases security for retailers.

Automatic charging via multiconnector

The multiconnector allows integrated charging technology to be connected to the ScanCart via the tablet holder. The devices charge automatically when pushed together with other ScanCarts.

No conversions necessary

No infrastructural changes to the store are required to use the ScanCart. Thanks to mobile charging technology, our solution can be set up and operated in no time at all.

How shopping with the ScanCart works

ScanCart proves: KBST solutions are accepted by your customers. Watch the video to see what shopping with our modern shopping carts looks like:

Developed on the pulse of retail – for a unique shopping experience

The decisive advantages for merchants and retailers summarised:

Platform for your own scan&go app

Equipped with Android 13 OS, the ScanCart offers the ideal platform for every retailer’s own Scan&Go app. KBST takes care of high-precision theft prevention using scales and camera technology, while the retailer can concentrate on customer communication, advertising and loyalty programmes.

Integration ohne Zusatzaufwand

Theft protection

With its three security levels, the ScanCart offers strong and versatile theft prevention. The basis is the high-precision checkweigher, which monitors all areas of the shopping cart basket and the lower level. The second level is formed by up to four integrated cameras that monitor the entire shopping cart area. The final security level is provided by numerous individual control settings and algorithms of the KBST software, which offers one of the most versatile systems on the market with over 1,000 setting options.

Integration ohne Umbauten möglich

Easy integration into all POS and ERP systems

A key feature in the development of the ScanCart was the seamless integration of the shopping cart into existing POS and ERP systems without additional effort. The self-learning algorithm automatically recognises new article weights and updates the corresponding data records without any further intervention. The required information is obtained by the cart directly from the existing POS system data.

Integration ohne Umbauten möglich

KBST (Cloud-) Backend & Mobile Device Management

The KBST backend offers everything a retailer needs to operate and use ScanCarts. From mobile device management to AI-based, autonomous processing and distribution of item weights and item image data, the KBST software offers everything needed for secure shopping with a digital shopping cart.


Attractive pricing for KBST customers

As an attractive purchase model, KBST offers its customers a high-yield investment opportunity in digital infrastructure. Thanks to the one-off deployment guarantee of at least 5 years, KBST secures every purchase of a ScanCart for the retailer, so that the retailer bears no risk.

Modular system

Thanks to years of experience in the retail sector, KBST knows the different requirements of each individual store: customise the ScanCart to meet these requirements. Smaller stores without theft problems start with the ScanBox 2.0 retrofit solution and can upgrade to a fully-fledged ScanCart at any time!


Versatile charging infrastructure

From the mobile charging rail with standard socket to the lockable shopping cart house with integrated charging technology – the ScanCart offers everything to meet every requirement.

Enabling cashierless openings

The challenges of staff recruitment are omnipresent in the retail sector. ScanCarts enable cashless checkout and thus actively contribute to opening hours without cashiers. This relieves the burden on retailers and prevents stores from closing due to staff shortages.


Further advantages at a glance

Compatible with all common POS systems

Our ScanCart is compatible with all standard checkouts and can therefore be easily integrated into an existing store infrastructure.

No inventory differences
Item-specific scanning protects stock levels and reduces discrepancies. The fully automated checkout system prevents errors that occur again and again with human intervention.
Increases checkout performance
By recording purchases, fewer staff are required in the checkout area. This improves service in the area, for example, or makes it possible to open at times when staffing levels are low.
Contactless NFC payment

Thanks to the certified ISO14443 NFC antenna, the ScanCart is able to process payments securely via NFC. For maximum convenience for your customers.

Increased shopping basket values

Initial analyses show: The average shopping basket value of a ScanCart is higher than that of a conventional shopping trolley. Customers who are valuable to stores are happy to use the innovative shopping trolley solution.

Customers love the innovative shopping cart
The special shopping experience and the simplicity of the application will impress your customers and ensure increased customer satisfaction. The integration of customer programmes is also possible on the ScanCart display.
No additional infrastructure

Thanks to mobile and advanced charging technology, all you need is a power socket to charge the ScanCarts over night. This means that the modern shopping carts can be integrated into your everyday store life without any changes or other complex measures.

Superior to the camera solution – yet upgradeable

Thanks to its high-precision weighing technology, the ScanCart is superior to camera-based solutions from alternative providers. The manipulation possibilities of a camera system (e.g. hiding goods in outer packaging) are simply too diverse. However, if you would still like to use additional cameras for evaluation or inventory management reasons, our ScanCart offers a simple integration option.

The ScanBox as a retrofit solution

  • Can be retrofitted to standard shopping carts
  • store-specific control algorithms ensure sufficient security

  • ideal for smaller stores and branches in more rural areas
  • a later upgrade to the weighing shopper is possible at any time
  • for the start of the digital future of shopping
  • significantly less investment than purchasing a weighing shopper
  • modular structure: Start with the Scanbox 2.0 and then upgrade to the ScanCart with the existing devices

  • in the event of a defect, you can simply replace the entire device

Good to know:

Versatile software solutions for every application scenario

By default, our solutions work with a Linux operating system. They are therefore completely customisable and can be flexibly adapted to your requirements. All aspects such as software-based additional functions or visualisations can be implemented 100% according to your ideas. For example, would you like to show sales-boosting adverts on the display? No problem for our ScanCart!

Even if you already have your own Android-based application, this can be transferred to the ScanCart display. This means that the modern shopping trolley can be seamlessly adapted to the existing software infrastructure.

Start into the future now

Digital solutions for the challenges of our time

KBST products are revolutionising the way we shop in many dimensions. Developments and trends are taken into account in technology and product design, making our products innovative and future-proof solutions for retailers and chain stores. And they are one thing above all: they are designed with the special requirements of the retail trade in mind!

We are here for you!

Feel free to contact our team by phone or message. We look forward to helping you!
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