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The future of shopping

Security for the retailer, shopping experience for the customer

SmartShopper® Features

The future of shopping combines a multitude of advantages for the retailer and its customer.

10.1 inch display

The shopping cart display can be designed individually according to the corporate design of each store and can be equipped with sales-promoting mechanics.

Omnidirectional scanner

The handpiece with flex cable makes it easy to scan labels at the shelf or self-service counter. For easy use in store.

Battery performance

The rechargeable batteries allow an operating time of more than 34 hour for new devices and ensure continuous readiness for use even during extended opening hours.

Basket + load shelf

In addition to the large volume of the basket each Smartshopper® is also equipped with a shelf for heavy loads – beverage crates for example.

Charging option

The mobile loading facility means that the trolleys can be recharged at any point in store after closing time. No additional storage space is required.

Load cells

The high-precision load cells ensure easy and theft-proof shopping. This brings advantages over any camera-based solution of our competition.

Integration ohne Zusatzaufwand

In collaboration with EXPRESSO

For our vision of a smart shopping cart, we were looking for an innovative partner who could complement our ScanBox with the necessary hardware of a shopping cart with weighing function. The choice quickly fell on EXPRESSO Germany. The product development know-how of EXPRESSO and KBST resulted in what is presumably the most advanced shopping cart in the world: the SmartShopper®.

®: The term “SmartShopper” is a registered trademark of EXPRESSO.

The SmartShopper is distributed exclusively by EXPRESSO Germany.

How does shopping with the SmartShopper® work?®

In our video, we show you how the SmartShopper® works. The clip addresses common challenges in everyday retail:

Used by customers, developed for retailers

Just a selection of important benefits for merchants and owners of chain stores

Integration without additional effort

One of the most important features in the development of SmartShopper® was the ability to integrate the shopping cart into existing processes without any additional effort in data maintenance. The self-learning algorithm recognizes new item weights and thus adjusts the corresponding data records without any further intervention. The cart takes the necessary information from the already existing data of the POS systems.
Integration ohne Zusatzaufwand

Installation without any on-site modification

No infrastructural changes are required to integrate KBST’s pioneering technology into your store: The mobile charging rail only requires a power outlet and the installation of the devices does not require any skilled personnel (e.g. electricians) in the store. The path to the future has never been easier to tread.

Integration ohne Umbauten möglich

Theft security

A major caveat to automated shopping solutions is stock shrinkage. Thanks to the technically unique interaction between item scanning and high-precision load cells, the cart protects against obvious theft. Where camera-based solutions fail, the SmartShopper® shows his superiority: even items with outer packaging offer no chance of theft!

Making cashierless openings possible

The particular challenges of recruiting staff are omnipresent in the retail sector. The SmartShopper® makes checkout possible without cashiers and thus actively contributes to enabling cashierless opening hours. This actively relieves the retail sector and prevents staff-related store closures.

Further advantages at a glance

Compatible with all common POS systems
The SmartShopper® can be easily integrated into the existing POS infrastructure and is compatible with all common system solutions.
No inventory discrepancies
Item-by-item scanning protects inventory and reduces discrepancies. The fully automated checkout system prevents errors which often occur with human intervention.
Increased checkout performance
By registering purchases, less staff is needed in the checkout area. For example, service on the floor can be improved or openings at times when staffing levels are low become possible in the first place.
Better customer loyalty
The special shopping experience and the simplicity of the application will convince your customers and increase customer satisfaction. The integration of loyalty programs is also possible on the SmartShoppers® display.
Increased shopping cart value
Initial analyses show: The shopping cart value of a SmartShopper® is higher on average than that of a conventional shopping cart. Customers who are valuable to stores are happy to use the more innovative SmartShopper® solution.
Mobile Payment
SmartShopper® takes the trend of mobile payment to the next level: The theft-proof solution allows customers to pay conveniently with their own devices.
No additional infrastructure
The SmartShopper® can be integrated into everyday retail operations without any additional infrastructure. No store remodeling is required for either charging or storing the carts.
Superior to the camera solution
The SmartShopper® has been developed over many years in close connection with retailers and is designed to meet their specific challenges. The high-precision weighing technology is unique and superior to the camera-based solutions of alternative carts. Basically there are too many manipulation possibilities when using a camera system (e.g. hiding goods in outer packaging). These weak points have been eliminated with the SmartShopper® technology.

The ScanBox as a retrofit solution

  • retrofittable to common shopping carts
  • market-specific control algorithms ensure sufficient security
  • ideal for smaller stores and branches in more rural areas
  • a later upgrade to the weighing shopper is possible at any time
  • for the start into the digital future of shopping
  • considerably less investment required than for the purchase of a weighing shopper
  • modular design: Start with the scanbox and upgrade to the SmartShopper® later – with the existing equipment
  • in the event of a defect, you can easily replace the entire device

Good to know:

Versatile software solutions for every application scenario

Out of the box, our solutions work on a Linux software basis. This means they can be completely customised and flexibly adapted to your requirements. All aspects – such as additional software-based functions or visualisations – can be implemented 100% according to your ideas. For example, would you like to show sales-promoting advertising on the display? No problem for the SmartShopper®!

Even if you already have your own Android-based application, it can be transferred onto the SmartShopper® display. In this way, the SmartShopper® can be seamlessly customized to the existing software infrastructure.

Your start into the future

Digital solutions for the challenges of our time
ScanBox and Smartshopper® are revolutionising the way we shop in various dimensions. Developments and trends are taken into account in technology and product design, making our products innovative and future-proof solutions for merchants and chain stores. And they are, above all, one thing: well thought with regard to the special requirements in retail!

We are here for you!

Feel free to contact our team by phone or message. We are looking forward to helping you!
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