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ScanCart & ScanBox

Pioneering shopping technology for the retail industry

The digital shopping cart of the future


The innovative ScanCart was developed by retailers for retailers to meet the challenges of bricks-and-mortar retail. The result of many years of experience in the development of digital shopping carts is a product that offers a whole range of benefits for retailers and end customers thanks to its intuitive and multidimensional operation. For example, state-of-the-art payment and checkout options enable a shopping experience without long waiting times at the checkouts – theft-proof and time-saving. This takes the heat off your staff and creates the shopping experience of the future for your customers.


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Driven by a worsening shortage of skilled labor and progressing digitalization, the retail industry is facing fundamental change and new challenges that need to be addressed. The revolutionary SmartShopper®, a combination of ScanBox and a weighing shopping cart, not only creates innovative shopping experiences for customers, but also actively supports retailers in solving challenges such as staff shortages and inventory discrepancies. The future of shopping in your hands!


The ScanBox is the ideal solution for retrofitting classic shopping carts with future-proof “self-scan” technology – and thus the start of the digital shopping experience. Especially for stores in rural areas, the entry-level solution offers obvious advantages. For maximum flexibility: the upgrade option to a fully fledged SmartShopper® is available at any time.


As a developer of innovative solutions for the retail industry, we want to integrate our products quietly and functionally in our customers’ everyday shopping experience. For this purpose, we offer our “carefree” service options, which mean a permanent operational readiness of our products and thus investment security for our customers. Our product solutions can be operated with the specially developed software from KBST as well as with existing platforms for retailers based on Android.

Selected partners

In collaboration with EXPRESSO

For our vision of a smart shopping cart, we were looking for an innovative partner who could complement our ScanBox with the necessary hardware of a shopping cart with weighing function. The choice quickly fell on EXPRESSO Germany. The product development know-how of EXPRESSO and KBST resulted in what is presumably the most advanced shopping cart in the world: the SmartShopper®.

®: The term “SmartShopper” is a registered trademark of EXPRESSO

The SmartShopper is distributed exclusively by EXPRESSO Germany.

Integration ohne Zusatzaufwand

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Retailers and merchants throughout Germany already rely on KBST’s innovative shopping solutions.

The map shows you where in your area you can experience our products in use. Convince yourself of the intuitive and functional usability as well as the high quality standard of SmartShopper® and ScanBox.

About KBST

After years of development close to the pulse of food retailing, a proven portfolio of solutions emerged that can be seamlessly established in stores today – without long adaptation phases. Learn more about how we have succeeded in developing the only fully automated shopping solution that inspires customers, sustainably relieves merchants and provides fully automated security against theft.

  • It’s exactly the system a retailer like me needs: Thanks to the high-precision checkweigher, everything that is put in is recorded item by item. Nothing can be hidden in another item packaging, (cosmetics still in the freezer bag, vanilla pods in the egg carton, expensive cream in…etc., which cameras would never notice). Those who come to steal don’t gather in the shop, you can let customers pay on their own without hesitation, on Android the Scan + Go app runs on the display with all the advantages for the customers, the system learns everything automatically. Perfect. This way and no other.

    Thanks to everyone who worked on the development, especially Niels, Jan and Max and the Expresso team.

    EDEKA Merchant, Winner RETA Award 2023
  • This award is a great recognition for us for the work we have done over the last few years and brings us enormous attention from customers beyond Germany. We are looking forward to talking to many more customers who have become aware of us because of this award. With Android, our ScanBox provides a platform for the respective app of retail organisations, as is already the case with EDEKA and Netto today, and takes them to a whole new level in terms of turnover, customer satisfaction and security.

    Jan Kraus, Managing Director KBST GmbH
  • For me as managing software developer of KBST GmbH, it is a great honour to be awarded as Top Supplier. It shows that our products also trigger enthusiasm in practice and support dealers and customers on a daily basis.

    Niels Becker, Managing Director KBST GmbH

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